Vektor3 Chess
Chess never looked so good

Key Features
  • Completely customizable 2D chessboard with 3 piece sets and several chessboards, resizable to virtually any size.
  • Multiple documents
  • Multithreading
  • Support for variations
  • Annotation editor with text styles, figurine notation, move annotations, and diagrams
  • Several levels - from easy to pretty hard, including Blitz and tournament chess
  • Opening Book
  • Permanent Analysis
  • Game analysis
  • Position editor
  • ExaChess compatibility
  • PGN import and export
  • HTML export including diagrams for web publishing
  • Speech
  • Multiple undo and redo
  • Extensive HTML help including rules of chess

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.1 or later

How To Order
Order your Vektor3 license for just $19 at the Kagi Online Store.
Vektor3 Screenshot

Vektor3 is an award winning chess program for Mac OS X with an intuitive user interface, that takes full advantage of Mac OS X' Aqua.

Vektor3 Screenshot

Due to Vektor3's multi-document approach, you can open and work with several documents at once. Each document's chess engine can compute a move at the same time, or analyze a game while you can continue to work with other documents.

Vektor3 Screenshot

Vektor3's analysis features let you monitor the chess engines evaluation, set up any legal position for analysis, or auto-annotate games for you.

Vektor3 Screenshot

Vektor3 can import and export games in PGN format, and export games complete with diagrams and text styles into HTML format for easy web publishing.
It can print games in two columns, also including figurines and diagrams in high resolution and color.