Video Viewer
The great live-video viewer

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2
  • QuickTime compatible video input source (video camera, webcam, video grabber card etc.)

How To Order
Order your Video Viewer license for just $9 at the Kagi Online Store.

1) requires third party driver
Video Viewer is a versatile viewer for live video sources such as a FireWire camera or webcam. You can view video in a window or fullscreen, copy snapshots to the clipboard and more.

Video Viewer Screenshot

View Video the Way You Want To

Whether you'd like to preview video footage, watch TV on your Mac, or view a webcam image Video Viewer has the right option to show the video to you. Either view video at one of three predefined sizes that are ideal for your video source, freely resize the window to the size you like, or switch to fullscreen mode. You can also let the video window float above all applications so you'll never miss a thing. Since Video Viewer supports click-through through the transparent window that floats on top of other applications, the video doesn't hinder you operating your applications.
Video Viewer can even show video in the Dock or as the desktop picture.

Video Viewer supports all QuickTime compatible video sources like FireWire cameras, FireWire DV adaptors, FireWire IIDC webcams, USB webcams 1), or the InterView USB video adaptor.

Easy Snapshot Capture

With Video Viewer you can easily create snapshots by dragging into another application or the Finder. Video Viewer also features full support for Mac OS X Services.

Video Viewer Screenshot

Simply drag video into Mail to send snapshots to your friends.