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Diffraction is a first class photos and image editor built from the ground up for macOS. With Diffraction you can color correct and retouch your photos, make creative compositions with layers and masks, or create your own images from scratch.

What’s new in version 1.5?

Support for for Apple Silicon Macs.

A fresh new look on macOS Big Sur.

Adjustment layers.

New effect and color correction filters.

and more…

Layers and Masks

Create compositions with layers and layer masks. Adjustment layers allow you to losslessly color correct your images.

Diffraction documents can contain multiple pages, so working with image files formats that do support multiple images in one file – like TIFF – is not a problem.







Powerful Editing Tools

Diffractions powerful editing tools allow you to crop your images, paint or erase, draw gradients, or retouch your images with dodge & burn, clone stamp and spot removal tools.

Effect Filters

With filters you can sharpen or blur your images, add distortion effects, apply halftone patterns to make your images look like comics or newspaper prints, or pointilize an image to give it a painterly look.

Extensive support for PSD documents

With extensive support for the PSD file format you can import and export PSD documents with layers, adjustment layers and masks to share your work with others. And of course Diffraction can open and export many more standard image file formats like JPEG, PNG, and HEIC.

System Requirements

macOS 10.14.6 Mojave or later. Optimized for Big Sur. Mac with Intel or Apple Silicon processor.

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